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Sunday, December 8, 2013

-- Holistic Politics --

               The Human Heart And Ultimate Political Power...

The Heart
Can Lead
Picture of Human Heart  Living from the potent power of the heart is the ultimate holistic technology to change the world or keep it just as it is. 

For anyone who has experienced corruption, fraud, deception, treachery, heartbreak, failure, betrayal, loss of everything one may have worked for and deep suffering, there is a way to put things right.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

OMG -- Are We Hunter Gatherers Again?

The Rise of the New Hunter Gatherer...
A new hunter-gatherer is arising in the human species using the mind technologies of  imagination, intuition, telepathy, remote-viewing and premonition.  Our bio-electro-mechanical technology has been roaring forward like a giant tidal wave for 5000+ years, providing the physical mechanics to make this happen.

New Technologies for a New Beginning...
Actually, these mind technologies are probably not so new. It is likely, based on the observations of some anthropologists, that they were the skills of the hunter-gatherer of 5000 years ago.

Even present-day, indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes have been seen to display some of these mind technologies. Michael Harner, on his quest to understand shamanism, recorded such observations while studying a tribal culture in South America. His observations are in his book, The Way of the Shaman

Dr. Harner gives the example of members of a group rising in unison to attend a prearranged meeting, for which the time had never been set.  His description of this group portrays a kind of group telepathy or group intuition.

It is this same group mind that appears to be returning to the forefront in the dominant population after lying dormant. As it grows, it could produce a  21st century mind, combining the right brain of the hunter-gatherer with the left brain of the empire builderAs this proceeds it may produce a decline in large empires possessing far-reaching hegemony in favor of smaller, tribal-like fiefdoms.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Power of Place...Can It Change Your Life?

Can changing your environment affect your health?  The new science of Epigenetics suggest so.  If you are looking to improve your well-being and happiness by relocating, consider the following article. 

Relocation Therapy: The Key to Moving on?
 --By Guest Writer, Ken Torrino