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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Holistic, Money and Politics...

This is our basic concept of  the holistic lifestyle. We think it includes money, politics, theories of evolution, livelihood and all other aspects of life. These are all part of the "whole" in the holistic view...

image of scientist looking at yin yang symbol
Modern Science Merges
With Ancient Wisdom

 The Holistic Lifestyle is a Merger of Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom...
To us, holistic living is a merger between modern physics and ancient wisdom. 

Recent technological developments allow Quantum and Torsion physics to see matter at increasingly smaller scales.  We think science is now seeing life at such a small scale that the spiritual nature of life becomes visible.

This "spiritual" nature of things might also be referred to as the energetic world.  Much like germs did not exist until the microscope was invented to see them and verify their existence from a scientific perspective, so to, other aspects of reality related to the non-material world of energy are now being viewed by modern scientific equipment.

When the Spiritual Becomes Visible, it Reveals a  Different set of Laws...
Seeing life at this deep quantum, energetic level reveals a new set of what might be called "spiritual" or "natural laws" independent of those governing everyday life. One such "law" is that everything is inter-related and affects everything else. This is the current view of all modern physics and many ancient spiritual traditions around the world.

Spiritual traditions were able to see this energetic world through the seers, priests and shamans of their time and described what they saw in the language and weltanschauung of their time.  In the present day,  it is described in the modern language of science, which is the replacement for these previous methods of observing reality.

Unified Holistic Theory
Modern science is now looking for a theory or postulate to explain and unify the behavior of reality as it can be seen in the everyday material world AND as it can be seen in the energetic, quantum world.  By doing so, science will have bridged the gap between ancient spiritual traditions and modern science. 

When this happens, real science will blend with the current spiritualities of our world. But real science can only be explored by the few great men and women of our time who have such great talent and ability, that they invite independent research dollars by the sheer brilliance of their work. 

Unfortunately, what often passes for research in the modern world can many times be nothing more than manufactured information, processed in factories of research where the outcome of the experiments are consistent with the views of the funding sources or 'fundaries," as we call them. 

It's All Connected to the Whole or Holistic...
Nevertheless, health, money, politics, spirituality, livelihood, theories of how life evolve and even research financed by the "fundaries" can no longer be separated from the whole. 

That's the root from which the word Holistic arose.

That's what the "whole" in holistic means to us.


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