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Sunday, March 10, 2013

OMG -- Are We Hunter Gatherers Again?

The Rise of the New Hunter Gatherer...
A new hunter-gatherer is arising in the human species using the mind technologies of  imagination, intuition, telepathy, remote-viewing and premonition.  Our bio-electro-mechanical technology has been roaring forward like a giant tidal wave for 5000+ years, providing the physical mechanics to make this happen.

New Technologies for a New Beginning...
Actually, these mind technologies are probably not so new. It is likely, based on the observations of some anthropologists, that they were the skills of the hunter-gatherer of 5000 years ago.

Even present-day, indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes have been seen to display some of these mind technologies. Michael Harner, on his quest to understand shamanism, recorded such observations while studying a tribal culture in South America. His observations are in his book, The Way of the Shaman

Dr. Harner gives the example of members of a group rising in unison to attend a prearranged meeting, for which the time had never been set.  His description of this group portrays a kind of group telepathy or group intuition.

It is this same group mind that appears to be returning to the forefront in the dominant population after lying dormant. As it grows, it could produce a  21st century mind, combining the right brain of the hunter-gatherer with the left brain of the empire builderAs this proceeds it may produce a decline in large empires possessing far-reaching hegemony in favor of smaller, tribal-like fiefdoms.

The Right Brain Imagines it...The Left Brain Expresses it in Physical Form... 

Mankind's evolution, primarily one of consciousness, proceeds by oscillating between the left, right, frontal and occipital lobes of the brain. This oscillation is influenced by earth's bio magnetic energy and changes depending on the evolutionary period.

Said another way, different parts of the brain "light up" during different times in history.
Left Brain -- Right Brain
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Perhaps an oversimplification, it can be said that skill-sets traditionally referred to as "right brain" are those that feel and imagine. Those skill-sets referred to as "left brain" express something in physical form.

The Left Brain Skills Have Been Busy...
But They May Have Left Behind the Imaginative/Visionary...
Over the last 5,000 years mankind has been perfecting the physical structures of the physical world along with technologies to drive them. This might be summarized as predominantly left-brained work.

Cave Painting   Lascaux, France

Prior to that, we believe the hunter-gatherer to be functioning primarily in the right-brain skill area.  One in which he/she had an active and powerful imaginative mind. 

The Right Brain Lights Up After 5,000+ Years...
It is this imaginative mind which now, once again, seems to be "lighting up" for the first time since the age of hunter-gatherers.

Digital Aboriginal, by Mikela Tarlow is another work that outlines the first steps of this new stage. As she describes the impact of emerging technologies which solidify a bridge between separate human minds, she says.

Mankind has been creating this bridge between minds by using existing technologies of the Internet, social networking and smart phones. This outer technology is drawing together minds spread across the earth into digitally connected networks. These networks function much like the ancient hunter-gatherer mind, she points out.  

We predict these outer technologies will eventually fall away, morphing into direct, mind-to-mind networks.

A Network of Directly-Connected Minds...
Like the original hunter-gatherers, these new networks of directly connected minds will function in larger tribal minds, thus communicating with one another through group imagination, telepathy, intuition, premonition and similar mind-based technology.

The Beginnings of a New World...
As this change spreads, we will be working in global villages of tribal minds. Such a set of tribal minds, linked together in a kind of "mind-fi" and more connected to the evolution of the larger creation, could be compared to descriptions of the Noosphere put forth by paleontologist de Chardin. 

Eventually, we will be able to imagine many things into existence using this advanced consciousness -- even a new world order. One which could replace the nation-state with an egalitarian and world-wide HumanHood of Man.  This new world order, unlike the current same-thinking, "group-think" civilization, would consist of highly individuated -- but connected to the whole -- tribal villages crossing nation-state and continental boundaries.

Two Waves Side-by-Side...
Hunter-gatherer societies continued to exist, although gradually receding, for thousands of years while empires were rising.  

Likewise, this new, "neo" hunter-gatherer culture appearing on the horizon will continue to grow side-by-side with the now dominant empire culture. The empire culture will appear to be growing larger and more powerful as it reaches its crescendo. When it crests, we think it could recede rapidly.

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