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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hey Hon, These Guys are Pretty Darn Smart...!

A very, very large group has learned to live in complete harmony....
Image of blood cells 
Imagine this: upwards of 50 trillion separate organisms, all with their own brain, own digestive, elimination, sensing and 
communication system. Originally, they were living alone and separately. They competed for energy in the form of food, light and oxygen.

Over time they communicated with one another. They realized they could work together. They formed clans that specialized in certain vital functions, making themselves useful to all the other organisms and sharing the burden of living.  This lowered the work for all to get energy to live. As more time passed, they began to share energy as it was needed throughout this new community. And they stopped hoarding energy for themselves. 

One of the clans formed a central intelligence. That clan could assess what all the organisms in the group needed most and communicate this to all the clans.  The clans were now working in total harmony, following the instructions they received from the central "intelligence."

Life became more living for them!  They no longer needed to protect themselves as individual organisms but could rely on clans specializing in that function to do it for them.  The same applied to finding energy, processing it and eliminating it.  They now were able to re-create themselves, get more rest--not work so hard. 

Most importantly, they never got lost about what they were created to do.  They were spending their lives serving one another and a happy bunch this group became!

Believe it or not, we all know this group of organisms.  We've known them since our birth. 

 How? Because they are We.  This group of 50 trillion+ organisms is what makes up every human being. We call them "cells."  We don't think they are very smart.  But in fact, they have quite a bit of wisdom to have figured out a way to live and work in total harmony!

How do they do it?  How do 50 trillion+ cells live together in perfect harmony? What can human beings learn from these cells? Is there a divine central intelligence guiding human beings as well?

These are intriguing questions answered quite comprehensively by eminent biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton.

In his amazing work, The Wisdom of Your Cells, he lays down an entirely new view of life and the possible direction in which the whole human race is heading.

Check out the book or audio edition of this amazing documentary. It contains the lifelong laboratory experiments and observations of Dr. Lipton.

We truly hope it will leave you amazed, spellbound and in total awe. It surely did so for us!! 

 Preview Dr. Bruce Lipton's, The Wisdom of Your Cells, at soundstrue.comicon

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