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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Promoting Probiotics Again? Enough of That Already...

Our Inner Ecological System 
and the Outer Ecological System...
How are They Connected...?

The Outer Ecological System
The world outside of us is a complex ecological system consisting of animals, minerals and vegetables. (We're keeping it simple). We are connected to it. We eat from it. It contains soil.

If the soil becomes stressed and depleted from overwork, it loses vital components. These include friendly bacterial strains, important trace elements and enzymatic compounds. Without these in sufficient amounts, all hell breaks loose. The soil becomes overgrown with unfriendly bacteria and other critters. Plants growing in it have weak immunity and attract pests. They have poor yields. Their fruits are dull.

 Gardeners Restore The Vitality of the Soil..... 
When soil becomes exhausted, gardeners add compost and animal droppings containing beneficial (for the soil ) bacterial strains and other microbial nutrients. The soil becomes balanced when it is allowed to lie fallow over time and  it's then ready to produce again. Plants growing in it have increased vitality.

                         The Inner Ecological System...
   Our inner ecological system includes our small intestines. We think they function like "roots."  They consist of long, spiraling tubes wound into a coil and lined with mechanisms for processing nutrients. We think the lining has a built in "soil," in the form of microbial organisms. A large number of these are friendly bacterial strains. It is often referred to as gut flora.

If our digestive "soil" stops producing because of poor quality food from poor soil and chronic emotional distress, then all hell breaks loose for us also. We lose vital bacterial strains and become overgrown with unfriendly bacteria, yeasts and other unwanted critters.
Our digestion and elimination patterns tell us when this is happening.

So does our mood.
(See our earlier post on digestion and mental well-being here.)

We are Taking a Tip From the Gardeners in Trying to Restore Balance and Vitality to Our Inner Ecology.... 
Our focus has been to get lots of friendly bacterial strains from probiotics and fermented foods, along with the right trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.  We are always searching for better fermentation ingredients to make our own drinks. And we seek out foods that supply the other instruments of good nutrition in natural form.  

 Over time we have been restoring balance to our digestive system and our moods.  We think we are on to something here.
The above is not intended as medical advice. It's just our opinion about how we function in the world. Our intention is to do no harm. For help with any health issue you may have,  please consult directly with a medical professional .

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