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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Have You Soaked Your Nuts Today?

image of mixed nuts
Nuts Today
Honestly, we have not. We ground them up this morning and added them to a smoothie.

But Soaking Nuts and Seeds Makes Them Easy to Digest...
Soaking nuts and seeds before using them removes soot and debris and makes them more digestible. Nuts and seeds have built-in enzyme inhibitors that keep them alive until germination.  When they reach germination and receive rain, the water washes away the enzyme inhibitors. This allows the seeds to start growing. 

Since enzyme inhibitors work against natural digestion, soaking nuts and seeds helps with this.  Additionally, soaking nuts/seeds and draining/replacing the water several times a day until they start to germinate and sprout will increases their nutritional value.  Once sprouted, place them in sunlight for a time. This adds to their vibrancy. 

More about soaking and sprouting here: You Are What You Eat!: Grains
                                                                     and here: Sprout People.
All Guts are Not Created Equal....
For the longest time we have been aware of the need to consume fermented drinks to help in populating the gut flora with good bacteria. We also like eating raw fruit and vegetables. To us, they feel the most "living" in this state. 

We also have always asked, "Why cook vegetables?" and "Who started the practice of cooking rather than eating raw, anyway?"

Importance of Cooked Foods...
picture of small intestines
Our Guts
We think we found a good answer in an interview recently featured at  There, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a neurologist with a full-time practice and developer of  a special diet for gut healing, speaks about the role of cooked and/or fermented foods.  In particular, she talks about cellulose, the fiber in raw vegetables and the dual effect it can have on gut healing. 

For guts that are in good health, with plenty of beneficial bacteria, cellulose/fiber presents no problem and can help feed the healthy bacteria.  However, for guts not so healthy, the indigestibility of cellulose makes it a fodder where destructive bacteria can proliferate. 

Cooked, Fermented and Raw Foods Each Have a Place...!
The solution: eating mainly cooked/fermented foods devoid of all cellulose/fiber in the early stages of gut healing.  In later stages, adding cooked or fermented vegetables and other fiber foods. Later still, raw foods come into play and are combined with other foods that are energizing.  This is a must read report.  The full report and interview with Dr. Campbell-McBride can be found here: Why this Single Organ Powerfully Dictates Whether You're Healthy or Sick.

Gut Health and Mental Health...
And a long-time proponent of culturing/fermenting vegetables, Donna Gates of, talks about the connection between gut health and mental health.  Here is her information on the subject of   A Possible Cause for Autism: Explore the Gut Connection.

Walk A Mile, But Not in My Shoes...
Recently, we've been hearing a number of health advocates mention the importance of walking barefoot on the bare earth. Some say this helps to clear our meridian system. 
The meridian system consists of 12 separate energy channels running through the body, each associated with an organ system.  Some of these channels have sources in the feet.  We think foot  reflexology attempts to clear meridians using pressure at these source points.
picture of bare foot prints
In light of this, walking around barefoot on natural terrains of all types makes sense to us. The terrains naturally apply pressure and the earth emits a balanced and vital electromagnetic energy. 
All of this pulsing through our bare feet ought to do something good for the meridian system.

Update: We did some web searching on this topic today and found more information on it from superfood expert, David Wolfe here: Superfood Expert, David Wolfe, Shares Latest Insights on How to Stay Healthy. 

Of course, none of this is medical advice.  It's just our opinion and our intention is to do no harm. Consult directly with the medical experts if you have a real health problem.

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"A man's spirit can sustain his broken body, but when spirit dies, what hope is left?"  
                                                                                                 Proverbs 18:14

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