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Monday, April 23, 2012

Probiotic Drinks and Fast Food...

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Eat Your Coffee?
We "eat" our coffee and have probiotics too...
We add probiotics drinks and other nutritious supplements to our coffee and turn it into a meal...

Kombucha Anyone?
We make Kombucha and Kombucha  mushrooms at Home...
We brew black tea. Place it in a jar covered with an open napkin and watch a Scoby mushroom grow! Join us in a very ancient tradition with this fermented tea, claimed to contain probiotics and other healing nutrients.
We ferment at home and create drinks with friendly bacteria for better health. It's quick and easy....! 

We add a kefir starter to plain, organic milk and let it ferment. We use coconut milk, soy milk, raw goat milk or cow's milk.

Make Your Own Kefir, Using a Live Kefir Culture and Some Plain Milk...
Want a potent drink?

Try the living kefir grains we are using. Unlike dried kefir crystals we also use, these are living kefir grains that come directly from a kefir grain producer.

Ms Muffet
Even Little Miss Muffet was into fermenting...
A children's nursery rhyme is a reminder that fermented foods are not new and not unusual.

Super-Man's Secret?
We make an entire meal in minutes using a standard blender ...
We combine raw foods, home fermented liquids, protein supplements and enzymes.


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