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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Seven Habits of Highly Healthy Nations...

 If you are looking for the actual habits that HEALTHY nations follow, this review does not cover that topic. We wrote it from our personal experience of the  mainstream, Disease Management system here in the United States.  It is a satirical review.   

And it is not a criticism of the dedicated people who work in it.  In our opinion, they no longer have control of it...

What is really going on here?

1. Do not focus on health care. Focus on Disease-Management. Disease-Management is  a Money-Maker and it Can't be Moved Offshore.

2.Promote a Disease-Prone Lifestyle Among the Young. Start With the Very Young. All profit-making ventures need future customers.

3. Discourage Disease Prevention and Use of Common Sense Health Habits. Disease-management needs patients with disease. If people work on prevention, where will they get new patients?

4.Keep All Health Education Standardized, Factory-Like and Pasteurized.  Make it About How Many Tests you Can Pass. Forget About Whether You Can Actually Heal People.

5. Limit and Discredit Healing Practices Other Than the Status Quo. 
Tell the General Public it Protects Them From Quacks???

6. Use "Double-Blind Studies" as the Supreme, Authoritative Catchphrase.
(Note: Be Careful Using "Double-Blind." It Might be Taken Literally.)

7. Emphasize Gross National Production(GNP).
Completely Ignore Gross National Happiness(GNH).

Taking Charge of  Our Own Health...
There is a famous saying attributed to Hippocrates, that "If you are not your own doctor, you are a fool." (PD-US)  We interpret this to mean that while anyone can easily fall into a diseased state and have need of the disease-management system, the best approach is prevention. 

The human body is the most complicated and sophisticated individual organism on earth and it requires a lifetime of experience by dedicated professionals to fully understand its workings from a scientific view.  

Once in a dis-eased state, it requires a carefully prescribed regimen of cure, unique to the individual and carried out until "ease" is restored. 

We Start by Focusing on Prevention...
On the other hand, we think disease prevention is a better choice because it is about preventing the problem before it becomes a disease.  It focuses on two things: limiting the toxic substances the body takes in and is exposed to, and keeping it balanced and in a state where there is not an overload of acidity. 

We Limit Toxic Substances...
To us, limiting toxic substances is pretty much self explanatory.  Whatever we put into our bodies and expose them to is going to be either beneficial or toxic. Thus we focus here  on eating the best, organic and nutrient rich food we can find or make ourselves. We try to limit bad habits that are toxic in nature.

We Try Keeping Positive Emotional States...
Keeping our bodies from being overloaded with stress has to do with what we eat as well as staying in a positive emotional state. We look for ways to discharge from ourselves the imbalances that come from chronic stress.  We found good sources of information on these two practices in the following articles: The Lost History of Medicine and What Causes Liver and Bone Cancer?  

These are articles about how to keep our bodies in an alkaline rather than an acidic state. They also tell how to discharge the build-up of "overcharge" that comes from exposure to  chronic stress and chronic emotional  upset.  Keeping an alkaline state and emotional peace of mind can't possibly be a bad practice. 

(Note: We do not necessarily endorse any products being offered through these links, as we have not personally tried them.)

As an example of simple prevention, we have personally felt better from a simple practice of walking on bare earth in bare feet for 30 minutes or more.  We are told this can balance the body.  So we think self-help self care is not complicated.  It just requires listening to the intuition of our bodies and using good old common sense.

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The Brain-Gut Revolution...Are You Hip? 

"The Doctor of the Future Will Give No Medicine, but will Instruct his  [or her] Patient in the Care of the Human Frame, in Diet and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease."  --Thomas Edison (PD-US)

"An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure..."
--Benjamin Franklin (PD-US)

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The above material is our opinion and based on our experience.  It is presented as common sense and not medical advice.  Our intention is to do no harm. It does not reflect the official views of persons, product-makers, service providers or advertisers cited in the article or appearing elsewhere on this website.

If you are seeking advice on health issues please seek out a health care professional.

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