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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bad SHIFT is Happening, Now What?

 This article addresses the different times in our lives when passages begin and end.  It answers these questions: What do we do when we don't understand what is happening to us? What are ways to deal with a passage from one phase to the next? What are passages?

There are 5 major passages occurring every 13 years taking us from age 1 to age 65. They  begin at puberty, age 13. There are also minor passages every 6.5 years beginning at approximately 6 to 6.5 years old.

Our Values May Have Shifted...
The Movie, The Shift, is one way of interpreting a passage in our life by examining our change in values...

The Shift
A Movie Produced by Hay House Starring Dr Wayne Dyer

Today, are you feeling something shifting in your life?
If so, you may find this movie helpful. Moments of insight come to us in many ways. We had a "moment" while watching this movie.

The movie takes place at a seaside resort where the characters are vacationing as they come to terms with their lives and realize something has to change.

So just What is the Value Shift That Must Take Place?
Going from "ego" to "soul" is one way of describing such a shift. The values we learn from parents and society (largely about achievement, wealth and prestige) eventually become reality and/or they just no longer seem important. We may start feeling alternative values around meaning, purpose and service. 

When this happens we often ask the question, "Why am I here.... what's my goal in life now?"
The Shift, a movie,  answers some of these questions using wisdom from very successful psychologist, writer and teacher, Dr. Wayne Dyer. 
The Shift is a wisdom story with believable characters.  It makes Dr. Dyer's outlook on life plausible and alive.

The Old Values Played an Important Role...
Although not emphasized in this film, it is important to remember that the initial values we get as children are very important, whatever they might be.  We use them to establish an ego. Until this is established, we can't shift to include the left-behind parts of ourselves. 


Passages Can Also be Defined in Terms of a "Shadow"...
It should be noted the shift or passage theme is also presented in other ways.  The great psychologist Carl Jung and one of his famous students, James Hillman, spoke about the recovery of the "shadow" self as a kind of shift/passage. Again these are the parts of the self left behind that come to haunt us in later life.  We must make peace with them and incorporate them into our inner "family."

We know what our shadow is like, say Jung and Hillman, because we can unconsciously project it onto certain people who come into our lives.  These are the people we just don't like or who make us envious. They may also seem like fools or nitwits to us.  But they  embody a part of ourselves we were taught to deny.

Examples of The Shadow Concept are Illustrated in Movies...
Movies that do a great job of illustrating this shadow concept are Cape Fear, Talladega Nights and the Fisher King.  In each, there are male and female characters who come face to face with their seeming "opposites" for whom they do not have a great liking or for whom they feel sorry.  By the end of the films, they make peace with these opposites and incorporate them as part of a whole self.

Passages Follow Cycles...
We go through a number of births and rebirths within our present lifetime. These  are passages in which a portal opens as our mind/body attempts to unload no longer needed psychic material and re-balances our physiology accordingly.

In a Passage We Address Unfinished Business from the Last Cycle...
This shedding of the "old skin" requires a return to the unfinished business of our last passage in this life. We may have to go back and look at
childhood experiences as well as childhood instilled beliefs and traumas which may be blocking our mind/body from renewing itself.

Healing and Balancing Technologies Can Accelerate a Passage...
Newer technologies such as tapping can accelerate this process since they combine modern physics and Chinese medicine acupressure concepts with traditional psychological techniques. They essentially assist the mind/body to re-align its energies.Traditional technologies such as psychotherapy and massage also accomplish this.

We Think These Passages Occur Approximately Every 13 Years...
They begin at puberty, age 13.  There are 5 major passages occurring every 13 years taking us from age 1 to age 65. 

These 5 major passages are: 
  • puberty rights (age 13); 
  • being established in a life work (26); 
  • divorce and/or value change (as described above in The Shift (39 years old);  
  • designation as a master of your craft or leader of the pack (age 52); 
  • designation as a senior (65).

There are 6.5 year "Minor" Passages in Between...
In addition to the 13-year major passages we think there are shorter, 6.5 year mini-passages.  

These are: 
  • end of the theta/delta brainwave state and the start of ego formation (6.5 years); 
  • marriage and/or onset of life adjustment psychological issues (19.5 years);  
  • life-work change or advancement (32.5 years);  
  • the beginning of a decline in life force (45.5 years)
  • health/aging crisis (58.5 years).

So Bad SHIFT Happening May Just be a Bunch of  Shift...
The above is our observation based on our personal experience. We have used it as a guideline for figuring out why things are happening or not happening and how to deal with it all.

We hope it might be helpful for others as a tool, but do not intend it to be medical advice of any type.  It's just our observation and opinion and we encourage people going through changes to seek help from qualified professionals.

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maury said...

I have just turned 65 so I guess this might be my last passage. Not sure if this is good or bad.

JJJYYY said...

Congratulations just on making it to 65. It's a major achievement in and of itself...