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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Holistic, Money and Politics...

image of scientist looking at yin yang symbol
Modern Science Merges
With Ancient Wisdom

The Holistic Lifestyle is a Merger 
of Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom...

Origins of The Word Holistic...The word "holistic" comes from the root of the modern English words whole, holy, wholly, holism. In Middle English, it is "hool" and Old English "hal"-- meaning healthy, entire and unhurt. The Greek word is holo

In ancient thinking wholeness implied a physical integrity and an integration with our energetic bodies and the rest of creation. Individuals in this state were perceived as having a nimbus or aura. In some depictions they are seen with a halo (brilliant circle) about their head.
Aura Fields
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The aura consists of at least 7 human energetic fields that extend from the body. These energy fields are generated from the life processes taking place in the body. These fields connect us to other parts of the unseen world and to each other. 
(An explanation of these energy bodies or auras and their respective energetic frequencies can be found at
The Microscope
the unseen world 

Holistic as a World View...Recent technological advancements allow science to see matter at increasingly smaller scales. When Real Science looks at life at such a small scale, the spiritual (or in modern language 'energetic') nature of life becomes visible. 

Microbes did not exist until the microscope was invented to verify their existence from a scientific perspective. So too, other aspects of reality related to the non-material world of energy are now provable by modern scientific equipment. 

When the Spiritual Becomes Visible, it Reveals a Different set of Laws...Seeing life at this deep quantum, energetic level reveals a new set of laws called "spiritual" or "natural laws." These are independent of those seen in the visible world. One such "law" is that everything is inter-related and affects everything else. This is the current view of all modern physics and many ancient spiritual traditions around the world. 

Shaman Seer 
Spiritual traditions were able to see this energetic world through the seers, priests and shamans of their time.  Through ritual, sacred plants and other means, these individuals were able to view energetic reality and described what they saw in the language and weltanschauung of their time.  

Ancient Spirituality Returns with Modern Physics...With Albert Einstein's publication of the mathematical formula E=MC2, the realities of the unseen, energetic world have come into clearer focus. The formula, viewed in its most simplistic form, shows an equal sign (=) between energy and matter. 

Stated another way, matter becomes energy when seen at its smallest scale.

This is the modern language of science, a replacement for the previous "spiritual" language of religion. 

White Robes Replace Dark Robes...While the language for describing the unseen world has changed from the dialect of dark-robed authorities to white-robed ones, those truths that are eternal have not changed. Yet many of these unseen truths have been lost and/or buried as money, politics and profit overtake truth, wisdom and beauty.

Unified Holistic Theory...Despite this breakdown in integrity, there are some in modern science still looking for a theory or postulate to explain and unify the behavior of reality as it can be seen in the everyday material world AND as it can be seen in the energetic, quantum world.  

By doing so, science will have bridged the gap between truths expressed in ancient spiritual traditions with those of modern research. 

The Return of Real Science...When this happens, real science will blend with the current spiritualities of our world. But real science can only be explored by the few great men and women of our time who have such great talent and ability, that they invite independent, untainted research dollars by the sheer brilliance of their work. 

What Happened to "Real" Science...? Most people talk of a "science" that seems to come from "information factories."  Here individuals, dressed like clergy, gather in large warehouses. That's where they move around test tubes and other laboratory instruments. After so many days, months or years they come up with results that are pleasing to the people who financed the study. 

One has to wonder if they are not subject to abuse, deception and corruption. But that could not be.  Most are financed by industries that stand to profit from the outcome. 😕
Read About Real Science Here...
More information about some of the independent, brilliant scientists and the effect of their work on consensus reality can be found at Amazon here: Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies 3rd Edition, Kindle Edition . An audio version of this work entitled, Exploring Vibrational Medicine, can be found at

So that's what the "whole" in holistic means to us.


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“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -
That is all Ye know on earth, 
And all ye need to know”

Ode on a Grecian Urn -- John Keats

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