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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Right Brain...Anyone?

      We Are In A Shift to the Right Brain

Is there a Sacred pulse that influences human brain functions? If so, what brain functions are being affected now? 

In this post we look at the current changes in brain functions and the impact they would have  in the workplace.

The "Fall From Eden" Started the Previous Brain Shift From Right-Brain Hemisphere to Left-Brain Hemisphere...
In his book, The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness, Dr. Carl Calleman puts forth the theory that the fall from the Garden of Eden describes a metaphorical shift toward emphasis on the left hemisphere of the brain. He sets this date at 3114 BCE, the beginning of a Mayan Calendar long count. This date corresponds with the emergence of agriculture/cities and a move away from hunter/gatherer societies.

 Fall From Eden
The beginning of the Jewish Calendar (3760 BCE) is said to also mark the fall from the Garden of Eden and a shift from hunter-gatherer to city/agricultural societies. Since changes in this period of history moved very slowly, these two dates would be considered somewhat parallel. This would suggest both calendars are saying and confirming the same thing. 

The Shift to the Left-Brain Hemisphere Created a Shift in Demand for Certain Skills...
The shift from hunter/gatherer to cities/agriculture, and the corresponding brain shift, caused a shift in thinking and perception skills. The thinking and perception skills that emerged included analytic and abstract thinking, logic, linear time and reading/writing. These are skills associated with the left brain.

Left-Brain -- Right Brain
and The Associated Skills
Holistic and concrete thinking, artistic and intuitive perception, and living in the "now" tended to diminish with this shift. These are right-brain hemisphere functions.

Communicating by using sounds, images and symbols also gave way to written words and specialized languages as this shift to cities and agriculture progressed. 

Today The Brain is Shifting Back to the Right Hemisphere...
As we come to the end of a Mayan Calendar long count and a corresponding brain shift, mankind may be moving back toward a more right-brained perception of life.

This Creates A Rise In the Use of Images Over Words...

In everyday life, such a shift would be visible with right-brain functions becoming more active and valued. The recent rise in the use of images and symbols on web pages is an example.

The website allows one to blog using only images and symbols. Individuals with skills to create images and complex symbols would tend to advance as such a shift occurs. Left-brained skills may become automated and tend to decline in importance. 

And The Rise of Groups, Herds and Clans...
Another right-brained function might be described as the "hunter-gatherer mind."  The hunter-gatherer mind is nomadic and oriented to the present.  There is a focus on group well-being and traveling in groups, gangs or herds.  The rise of social media and instant communications with your tribe or clan is an example of such a shift.

There is a lack of emphasis on material possessions in this shift. Material possessions slow down the nomad.  The greater possession is a connection with the group, which offers security and protection.

Symbols can illustrate Complex Concepts ...
Yin/Yang Symbol
Ancient Yin/Yang Symbol:
It Communicates A
Complex Concept
Without Words
The ancient yin/yang symbol, dating back as far as the 14th century B.C.E, is an example of the use of a symbol to communicate a complex concept. 

The vertical undulating spiral running through its center could be seen as representing the divine pulse. It separates the nights and days, yin and yang of the pulse's movement through history. The upward trajectory suggests an increasing complexity as this sacred pulse repeats in cycles. The cycles are represented by the surrounding circle.

The small white and black circles tell a story as well. The white circle tells us that even in the darkest nights of humanity, the sacred still lives. The black circle tells us that even in the brightest days of humanity, there is still a darkness that needs to be acknowledged. (Editor's note: The original representations of this symbol show the center line in a horizontal position rather than vertical.)

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