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Friday, August 17, 2018

Greed Fund, The Ultimate Investment...

Image of Earth Turned Into Money Vaults
The Greed Fund Transforms
Almost the Entire Earth Into Vaults
Filled With -- $$$$$$$

We Had a Vision of the Ultimate Investment...
In our vision, we saw the investment of the future. It was called the Greed Fund. The Greed Fund had succeeded in turning the entire earth into nothing but vaults for keeping money. 

There were no forests -- they had been cut down and turned into money. No fresh air, no raw water, no places to grow food. No wide-open spaces or wild fields -- everything had been stripped from the Earth and turned into money.

Stripping the Land of Real Prosperity

Vaults filled with money stood atop concrete slabs as far as the eye could see. Were there mountains?  No, there were none.  Robots had laid them low, stripping them of fossil fuels. The fossil fuels had also been turned into money.

The People No Longer Went to Work...
In this vision there were many poor people. But they did not know they were poor. They no longer spent their lives working from early morning late into the night. Their entire life force was turned into money in a new way. 
Human Life Force Siphoned Off by
Special vaults were created where the people were stored, suspended in a kind of coma. For the duration of their lives their life force was directly siphoned off and turned into money by machines.

People are Even Told What They
Should Think is Funny...
(click to enlarge)
Should they wake up from their coma, they are given trickle-down indoctrination via talk radio and news. They do not have to think any longer. Instead they are told what to think. There was even trickle-down entertainment -- they were told what to laugh at.

But Then Came the Rebels...
Inspiration and Creativity Stop 
the Greed Fund From Growing
There were also rebels in this vision. They lived in remote places not yet transformed into money.  They had a different concept of prosperity.  In their world, prosperity consisted of sunshine, pure, raw water, breathable air and food grown from pristine soil. They owned very few possessions. Money was a means of exchange and not a sign of prestige. 

The most prestigious were those who gave the most of themselves to rest of the group. They lived close to the land in basic dwellings. 

Advanced Energy Technology Allows
Options Besides The Greed Fund
They had succeeded in harnessing already existing crystal, Tesla, Torsion, zero-point and renewable energy technology for their energy needs.

Investing in Sustainable Businesses is the 
Basis of True Prosperity and
an Alternative to the Greed Fund
Their world was filled with smiling faces, deep personal relationships and devotion and service to community. In their land they had no fear when traveling from place to place, in the day or the night. 

Livelihood consisted of work and sometimes very hard work, but it brought some sense of satisfaction and pleasure.

The Greed Fund Called These Rebels "The Lost..."
In our vision, the Greed Fund had a name for these rebels.  They called them, "The Lost."  But, they were in fact the visionaries, innovators, artists, entrepreneurs, non-conformists, nature-lovers and misfits of consensus reality.  

And although they preferred harmony, cooperation, negotiation and peace, they were also fierce and loving warriors. They could not be dislodged when confronted by the Greed Fund. Their love for their way of life gave them power to resist aggressors.

Inspiration for the above article
came from Money as a Social Disease
by David C. Korten

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Related Quote:
"For what good is it, that a man gains the whole world, but loses his soul?  What could you possibly give to get back your soul?"
   --Matthew 16:26 {PD-US} ( interpretation)
The above is based on our own observation and experience.  It does not reflect the views of persons, product-makers, service-providers or advertisers cited in the article are appearing elsewhere on this website.  It is not being offered as investment advice.  Potential investors should seek out advice from investment professionals.

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