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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Welcome Back, Aether..."

A Smiley Face knows we are all one
Is there an unseen, magical substrate permeating all of creation? Can we use it to create the things we want in life?

Past cultures thought so. They believed there was a substance in the space between all matter called the "luminiferous aether" or for short, "ether."
Is this what modern science is calling the "matrix" or "the field?" 

We give our best answer below...

The Space Between Everything is Filled With Something...
Napoleon Hill, in his 1937 all-time bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, refers to this something as "ether."  He learned this term while interviewing and studying the great wealth accumulators of his time. 

Napoleon Hill studied more than 500 highly successful individuals. He found they were aware, for good or for evil, they could make things happen by affecting this ether with their thoughts and emotions. Specifically, they knew they could draw to themselves the means to accumulate wealth by influencing this connecting substance.

Modern Science Also sees a Matrix or Field of Pure Potential...
Advances in technology have allowed modern science to examine all matter at increasingly smaller scales.  The atoms, nuclei, protons, electrons and neutrons, once thought to be the core inhabitants of matter, have given way to a new paradigm. In the sub, sub-atomic world, inter-related energy forms emerge from a field of emptiness, stay for awhile, and then return to the emptiness. 

They behave unpredictably in terms of linear logic. And the beliefs of the scientists observing them affect their behaviors!

image depicting the appearance of a matrix
The Invisible Matrix
The substrate of empty space holding these energy forms is currently identified as the Matrix or the Field.  Unlike earlier concepts of ether, (if we understand current physics correctly) this field or matrix is not a permanent or fixed substrate of some sort of matter.

Instead, the matrix is a temporary formation and arises out of what would be considered  absolute nothingness or zero-point. It's exact formation is based on the form of energy acting upon the void or zero-point. This could be electronic, magnetic, gravitational, etc. Its formation and longevity is based on how long and the way in which these energy forces are active.

Modern Science Sees Man As a Set of Vibrations Embedded in this Matrix...
The biological application of these ideas redefines man. He is no longer a solid object.  He becomes a vibration of energy forms embedded in a universe, where he is capable of producing this ubiquitous, infinite matrix. He is without hard boundaries and has the characteristics of both waves and particles.

A Contradiction to What We See...
This analysis contradicts the world of separate and individual objects we think we see in everyday reality.  But our perceptions of everyday reality are based on deeply embedded beliefs. These in turn are largely based on very outdated Newtonian physics. Newton's perception of the world was one of separate objects operating in harmony with one another and with natural laws.  

Our Thoughts and Emotions Touch the Matrix...
At the deeper level of the matrix, it mirrors to us a reality based on the thoughts and emotions we give to it. These are thoughts and emotions coming from our deepest, heartfelt beliefs.

In this truer reality we connect to everyone and to the entire universe through these vibrations. 
Deep Sea Fish
Much like water is ubiquitous in and around all creatures of the sea, the ubiquitous matrix  can arise and connect us throughout creation.  Our thoughts and emotions travel as energy-in-motion (e-motion) and trigger it with the same ubiquitous reach.

Our Connection is To a Mystical Body of All Mankind...
Like the cells of the body -- all different and having different functions in service to one another -- so too, mankind functions as individual cells in service to a giant organism known as the human race.  Although we have not yet reached this consciousness as a race, many modern thinkers believe this is the greater plan of creation and the direction we are heading.

All Human Beings Are Valuable to This Mystical Body...
In this new paradigm, every human being becomes a unique and valuable asset to the rest of humanity, because they possess a one-time expression of divine potential.  It is a potential to move mankind forward to a new world.  This makes no job or life-choice insignificant. All contribute to awakening humanity to its greater destiny.

Modern Science Expresses Awareness of Ubuntu Consciousness...
Such a concept may be a modern awareness of the ancient African concept of "ubuntu."  The meaning perhaps summarized in the phrase, "As we all are, so am I." 

Entraining With The Matrix...
Entraining with the matrix requires an entrainment of the heart and the brain.  This entrainment can be accomplished from a simple daily practice of learning to focus on, and breath directly through, the heart with long slow breathes. As we do this we must let go of all thought until we feel just our heart. This practice creates a dynamic, synergistic field of brain and heart energy. More about this practice can be found from

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