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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Power of Place...Can It Change Your Life?

Relocation Therapy
Can changing your environment affect your health?  The new science of Epigenetics suggest so.  If you are looking to improve your well-being and happiness by relocating, consider the following article. 
Relocation Therapy: The Key to Moving on?
 --By Guest Writer, Ken Torrino

Between dealing with jobs, congestion and the hassles that come with our lives, don’t you sometimes want to get away and move somewhere else? If you have experienced an existential crisis or a tragedy, I’m sure you have seen that this desire can become overwhelming. Did you know that in recent years, psychologists have begun researching the psychological and neurological effects of relocating? The findings show that it is a viable form of therapy for some people.  What follows are a few facts about relocation therapy and why it is so effective.       

Is Relocation Therapy Different Than Moving?  
I’m sure that one of your initial questions is whether this is any different than running away and moving. In terms of actions, there is no effective difference between relocation therapy and moving to a new area. However, the purpose of relocation therapy is to reset your mind and move on from a loss in the family, a midlife crisis or another event that is difficult for you to deal with. 

In my experience I have found that people who move often do so less for practical reasons and more for the experience of starting afresh. Though the pain that you once felt will never be completely eliminated, this therapy will allow for you to not be constantly reminded of the sorrows your past.

Why Is Relocation Therapy so Effective?
I've found that there are two main theories as to why relocation therapy works so well. I personally believe that relocating is a way of avoiding patterns that may have caused stress and anxiety in the past. According to this theory, moving is simply a way to develop new habits and avoid falling into old patterns of thought. Others believe that the therapy is effective due to neurological reasons; humans evolved as nomads, and our ancestors would constantly move to new areas. Within this theory, relocation therapy taps into this latent desire to pack up and move. For this reason, a new scene provides us with a new outlook on our lives altogether. It allows us to start fresh and rediscover who we are altogether. 

When I moved to New York City and when I became involved with NY real estate, it allowed me to focus on a new environment and a new society. Additionally, the city that never sleeps provided me with constant distraction from what it was that had been ailing me.

Why Should One Consider Relocation Therapy?
The question of whether relocation therapy is right for a you cannot be answered easily. If you have suffered a significant loss and cannot seem to get past the grief, you may benefit from getting away from constant reminders of your lost loved one. For you, relocation therapy might be the best way to move forward. If you are suffering from other mental or emotional difficulties, you may want to consider whether moving to new area could provide additional benefits. The combined effect of moving to a better area and reaping the benefits of relocation therapy may make it the right choice for you.

Recovering From a Loss...
A few years back I lost my roommate and best friend of 15 years. He was struggling through a battle with cancer and in the end lost the fight. Every single day I was forced to live around constant reminders of the loss and it brought me into a depression and rut in life. I knew that I was never going to escape the pain of losing somebody so dear and close but I had to get away from the constant reminders. 

This is when I decided to move to NYC and start fresh. Within days, I found myself so preoccupied with my surroundings that my life felt as though it had meaning again. I felt rejuvenated and full and ready to take on this big city. After feeling like I couldn’t deal with the world without my lifelong friend, I finally felt independent and strong. This move has allowed me to cope with the pain and loss that I felt. His memory will always live on in me. Now, rather than paining over his loss, I cherish the life and time that we spent together.

Mr. Torrino works in web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.  

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