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Sunday, December 8, 2013

-- Holistic Politics --

               The Human Heart And Ultimate Political Power...

The Heart
Can Lead
Picture of Human Heart  Living from the potent power of the heart is the ultimate holistic technology to change the world or keep it just as it is. 

For anyone who has experienced corruption, fraud, deception, treachery, heartbreak, failure, betrayal, loss of everything one may have worked for and deep suffering, there is a way to put things right.

Getting in Touch With and Following the Heart Leads to a Great Political Power...
Acquiring political power starts with the human heart. We act from our deepest heart-felt beliefs and our strongest loves and hates. We bond with others at the heart level and move in unison with people sharing our beliefs and passions.  This basic bonding creates some form of family.

A family, through traditional marriage or arising from one of the modern  hybrid methods of uniting, is the basic political unit of a society.

From a family, some may venture out on a heart-felt mission to band together with others sharing the same convictions. The resulting larger force gives political power to the group to deal with conflicts.

Following Our Hearts Puts Us on the Right Path...
By getting in touch with and following the deepest intentions of the heart, we come into harmony with the greater plan of creation and our role in it.

Acting at the Right Time...
This is how the great movers and shakers of human history have changed the course of human events.  They follow what their hearts are saying and they move at the right time and place. 

Moving at the right time and place comes when we feel it in our hearts.  It's not connected to a clock or calendar. 

Our connection to the Source of All Life is right there, deep within our hearts. When we move on our true purpose, no force can stand against us. The power of the human heart is unstoppable.

But How Do We Get in Touch With Our Heart's Real Purpose...?
The heart might be said to be the seat of the subconscious, as it controls many of our subconscious actions. It is thought by some researchers to add a torodial spin to the pumping of blood.  Other researchers say the resulting electromagnetic energy contributes to creating our reality. This energy extends far beyond our physical body and is one of the sources of our intuition and inspiration. 

If we are able to create a synergistic connection between our head brain and our heart brain, then we are able to get to the center of our heart. For some this is a natural process.
For us, we have only very occasionally stumbled into it...

Stumbling Into Bliss...
The times we have stumbled into this blissful state through meditation, yoga, biofeedback and other means, it has been quite astounding. 

We experience it as a profound consciousness in which our entire life passes before us and we feel an incredible sense of gratitude for all that has happened in it, especially the losses, rejections, betrayals and disappointments. With regard to these negative events, we are able to see them as teaching us a very bitter but necessary wisdom. 

(Would that we could have understood it by other means and earlier in life.)

Nevertheless, when in this "heart consciousness" we feel tearful and humbled. It allows us to feel gratitude and compassion and to bury our resentments.

To live from this centered, composed, poised, grateful and compassionate heart center could be said to be every person's life purpose. We believe it is the reason we are here and it will translate into a mission different for each person who experiences it. 

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker, mother, warrior, artist, healer are you? No matter the mission, when it is lived from this place at the heart's center, it can change the politics of the world and move mountains.

For now though, we are just working to make this special synergistic connection between head and heart as a way of "seeing" past our losses, resentments and bitterness.     

The Modern Science Behind This Ancient Wisdom...
We have found great help and have made great progress through the research, techniques and products offered at 

Click on this link to see a free, YouTube video from the HeartMathInstitute that explains this concept from a modern scientific perspective.

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"Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." --Proverbs 4:23
                                                                                       --(Quote Courtesy of:

"To go low, to be true, to be in harmony with the forces of the world, just as the river obeys gravity, just as the water follows its cycle..."  -- Michael A. Susko

"Follow your bliss..."  -- Joseph Campbell

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