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Sunday, January 19, 2020

OMG -- Are We Hunter-Gatherers Again...?



The Resurrection of  Mind-to-Mind  Communication has Arrived!

The Return of the Hunter-Gatherer Mind...It's 7am.  We are inhaling deep breaths from a sitting position. We hold each one in as long as we can. We exhale.  We hold the exhale equally as long.  We repeat the process.  This is our morning meditation.  Breath-holding activates the Vagus nerve, we are told. Activating the Vagus nerve produces a relaxed mind, we are told.




We've heard this state of mind referred to as the alpha brainwave state. 

While in this state of mind, we think of a friend. As we do, feelings of caring emerge. We speak to the person in our mind, "We miss talking to you L," we tell ourselves. Several mornings later, we will get a call from this Ms. L.

Now another person emerges in mental imagery. We haven't seen them for years, but their memory also evokes feelings of caring. Later we will check our mail and find a reminder that today is that person's birthday. We send them a note of good tidings. They write back, make a pledge to catch up via phone and email.

Yet at another time a person comes to mind during meditation and we later call them. Upon answering they say, "I was just thinking of you!"


Hmmm, are these just interesting coincidences? 

We don't think so. 

Entering into this relaxed realm through meditation, biofeedback, exercise or nootropics regularly produces these types of coincidences.  This has been going on for years and we have come to accept it as normal.  It is an awakening that has been spreading through mankind for decades and is becoming more and more widespread.  We are just latecomers.

We've been referring to it as the hunter-gather mind.

Another term that may fit is Indigo mindset.

It involves the use of mind-based technologies such as imagination, premonition, intuition, remote viewing, telepathy and clairvoyance. We call it the hunter-gatherer mind because we take the view that history has a logarithmic repetition. It progresses in cycles and each cycle is a higher or lower evolution of the previous cycle. Said another way, we progress two steps forward and one step back. The back steps shed those traits of civilization not needed to progress forward. The forward steps resurrect previous traits now ready to be further sharpened and improved. The mind technologies we are experiencing in our current evolutionary cycle are one such trait. They are resurrecting from an earlier cycle in human history -- a time when mankind had not yet organized beyond small indigenous groups. Sprinkled across the planet living in total reliance on one another, these small groups had regular mind-to-mind contact between themselves.  HUNTER_gatherer_throwing%2Bspear Within their immediate tribal clans, they were able to literally read each other 's mind as part of basic survival. Some members of these early groups also developed other forms of human mental powers such as intuition, premonition, telekinesis, remote viewing and clairvoyance. It's our bio-electro-mechanical technology roaring forward like a giant tidal wave for 5000+ years providing the physical mechanics to make these types of connected groups or "clans" re-appear. Enhanced by the Internet, smart phones and social media, we have been connecting outwardly through electronic means and forming digital connections.

Again, these modern, digital connections, not much different than mind-to-mind connections between ancient indigenous tribal clans, set the stage for us to go "tech less." We will now begin to communicate using directly harnessed mind powers that have been laying dormant for thousands of years.

As we continue to harvest these mind powers, we predict the outer electronic technologies will decline in use, morphing into direct, mind-to-mind networks.

Minds Connect to each other using electronic technology and are paving the way to connect through direct mind communication.

All of this stands on the fringes of consensus reality at the moment. When it moves toward center it will begin a great awakening.

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