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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Greed Fund (Part II)...

 If you remember from the first episode of the Greed Fund, the scamsters had been managing to turn the entire creation into vaults of cash. 

This included all resources of the environment as well as the life-force of billions of people.  The life-force was extracted from these billions of producers by their willful connections to the information exchange provided by the Greed Fund. The information exchange was called, "FoolTheProducers" (

This made for two main classes of people: Scamsters (which included gangsters, fraudsters and generally malicious businessters) and then the Producers.

 In general, the producer class was instructed on how to live, breath and die via the trickle-down

education received from the FTP, an agency under control of the Greed Fund.

Trickle-down education came to the producer class by way of an electronic web of devices into which they were woven - as in a Matrix.

To make it worse, The Scamsters fooled the producers by taking their life force and giving back IOU's.  

Among the producer class there was a group called Losers. The Losers were outside the norm and presented a huge problem to the Greed Fund, because they knew they were being fooled.  They were just far enough out of the Matrix to think for themselves. 

Now, the Losers, who have been spending their life-force creating their own food, clothing, shelter and energy forms, were searching for a way to connect with each other and resist being turned by the Greed Fund into electronic entries on a ledger.

Meanwhile, The Greed Fund was doing everything in its power to stop the Losers from communicating with each other or with the rest of the Producer Class. Since the Greed Fund owned just about everything, they controlled the communication channels known as news, talk radio, TV and internet.

Using these communication channels and the FTP agency, the Greed Fund painted a picture of the Losers as a detriment to the rest of the producer class.  The Losers were presented as uninformed of the truth, far-out and fringe citizens.  This picture was created to foment a battle between the Losers and the rest of the Producer Class. In many ways this battle resembled a Color Revolution for those who understand the military meaning of such a term.

The Losers, however, were still managing to find each other and form tight bonds.  In many instances, because of their practices of meditation, martial arts, sports, dance, math, science, engineering, inventing and artistic expression, the Losers were able to intuitively ferret out other like-minded.  They formed close associations and began sharing truths with each other.

These truths took the form of empirical science, where the Losers believed themselves and their first-hand observations of events, rather than what they were told to believe through news, talk radio, TV and the internet. 

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