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Friday, December 17, 2021

Holistic Evolution...

 The battle between the Greed Fund and the Producer class was turning out to be a doozy. 

The Greed Fund, which controlled all information outlets had been dominating the Producer class.
They did this by planning and rehearsing strategic events. These strategic events, when they were executed, kept the producer class in perpetual fear. 

Using this fear as a tool, The Greed Fund hoped to create a New World in which the weaker and less-gifted producers were controlled by machines. It was so their life-force could be used constructively. 

Their machine-controlled life would be used to build a better world of clean energy, advanced technology and minimization of human effort. These advancements would benefit all and even lead to an

immortality for all. This immortality consisted of a bionic merger between machine technology and the human body. This would allow for unlimited years of existence. As parts of the human body wore out, they were replaced. 

To be successful, the plan of the Greed Fund required worldwide control in thought, word and deed. Every human being had to be meaningfully involved. This was achieved by using

sensor technology. Human beings all over the world were tracked to determine their areas of weakness. Simultaneously, through broadcast technology and Artificial Intelligence, they were being shaped and their weaknesses "improved." 

All of this for a better world known as the "Synchronicity." 

On the other side of the line were the lowly producer class. They followed a plan for the world that was to result in a universal engagement of mankind at the heart and soul level. This plan had been outlined in religious myths for centuries. 

The main implementation of this plan was to take place in the "field" or "Aether". This was the energetic space where mankind connected using brain and heart power. Linking all of humankind together, this awakening had a designated point in time known as the Kairos. Kairos was the point where every human being realized they were connected as one organism. This was often referred to as the "Universal Body of Humankind."

To achieve this outcome, human beings were to develop a plethora of hugely diverse cultures. These cultures would link together as the cells of the human body are linked. 

This Kairos Awakening would be the exact opposite of the herd-like, monolithic culture of the Synchronicity. 

The outcome of this tug-of-war between classes and worldviews -- Synchronicity or Kairos Awakening-- came to depend on the daily choices of every human being on earth.


The above is a make-believe story and not the official view of real-life persons, product-makers, advertisers or any other entity cited in links or appearing elsewhere on the website. It is not being offered as medical advice or investment advice. Our intention here is to entertain. If you have a health issue, please consult with a health care professional.  Likewise, investment decisions should be made under the counsel of seasoned, investment professionals.

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