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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Microbiota Revenge...

Just to make things worse, the lowly microbiota decide to make themselves known.  

After decades of abuse and starvation from poisoning and malnutrition (not to mention choking to death from the destruction
of their shikimate pathway) the lowly microbiota have started to rise up and join hands across the planet. 

Because their activity is unseen to the human eye, this little rebellion has gone relatively unnoticed. 

The only manifestation is a worldwide plethora of chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to irritable bowel syndrome.

To the naked eye, these diseases don't appear to be connected.  But were the human and animal biome to speak out, they would be yelling another story.

Starting with the use of weapons and procedures developed  during WWI and then those from the nuclear era, a near century of war had been waged agains the biota and their food sources.

Initially poisoned by chemicals, the
microbiota have also been cut and burned using other techniques developed from warfare. 

Now, since the survival of the human race depends on them, the microbiota are screaming for acknowledgement.  

Dwelling within the human body and outnumbering human cells,  this commitee of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes have become visible through the development of electron microscopes.

Because they make up the medium out of which other life forms grow, interference with their growth and diversity cause human and animal cells to become sick. As a solution, the microbiota of humans are leading their living hosts to crave biodynamically grown food.

The final outcome of this story will influence all of mankind.

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