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Monday, December 13, 2021

Part III The Greed Fund Monopolizes Health Information...

Wow, just when thing could not get worse, the racketeers who were running the greed fund stumbled upon an old business model: 


In this case these racketeers focused on monopolizing health information. Using their most trusted agency, FoolTheProducers (FTP), they developed a scheme to control wellness information for the masses. They called it Scientism. 

The plan took a few decades to take hold, but it basically replaced the real science of forming an hypothesis by observing empirical evidence in the real world. 

Scientism, the opposite of science, started with the hypothesis and
then found evidence to support it.  Scientism practitioners gathered

daily in large cathedral-like buildings called "information factories." 
Running to and fro, dressed like clergy, they conducted their "studies." After shuffling around test tubes and other laboratory equipment for so many days, months or years, they came up with
results that were pleasing to the
financers of these "studies."

Who were the financers?  Yes, you guessed it, the FTP agency, run by the Greed Fund. Information coming out of Scientism worked best by creating fear in the masses of the producing class.

Although the air, land and water were polluted with harsh chemicals, radioactive and electro-magnetic fields, the Producer class were convinced by the Greed Fund that it was unseen demons that were going to do them in. 

The Greed Fund offered solutions in the form of synthetic,

Pharmacopeia-like potions. A frenzy of fear ran through most of the producing class, making them easy prey as customers of these pharmacopeial delusions.

This is how the Greed Fund was able to monopolize health information.


The above is a make-believe story and not the official view of real-life persons, product-makers, advertisers or any other entity cited in links or appearing elsewhere on the website. It is not being offered as medical advice or investment advice. Our intention here is to entertain. If you have a health issue, please consult with a health care professional.  Likewise, investment decisions should be made under the counsel of seasoned, investment professionals.

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