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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The "Losers" fight back with their Microbiome...

Well now, the Losers, who we introduced back in a previous episode of the Greed Fund, were not standing by idly. Using cutting edge science 
derived from the National Microbiome Project and, they were working on feeding their microbiome and connecting with the larger Macrobiome. 

The Losers were, if you remember, a part of the producing class of the population. They made large contributions to the human race thru their trades, inventions, artistic works and service activity.  They were not so quite absorbed into the Matrix and so could think for themselves.

The Macrobiome was a principal communication medium between the human race and the rest of creation. The losers found it easy to feed the macrobiome by making regular contact with other microbiome builders.  By doing this, they were creating a macrobiome network that could stand up against the Greed Funders.  

The Greed Fund was livid that it's multi-decade plan to trick the
producer class into becoming digital entries on an electronic ledger was not working that well. 

Convert everything into money!  That was the Greed Fund mantra. And boy, did the Greed Fund hate the Losers. That's why they named them "Losers." The Greed Fund hoped to discredit them.

But the Losers and gradually the rest of the producer class of people began to see the advantage of building up their microbiome as a defensive weapon.  Much like rebuilding the soil of the earth, rebuilding the microbiome created a rich environment out of which they could thrive.  Effects from poisonous electro-magnetic-radiation waves along with chemical poisons were ameliorated by having a rich and diverse biome. 

This became lesson one in this psychological battle.

The above is a make-believe story and not the official view of real-life persons, product-makers, advertisers or any other entity cited in links or appearing elsewhere on the website. It is not being offered as medical advice or investment advice. Our intention here is to entertain. If you have a health issue, please consult with a health care professional.  Likewise, investment decisions should be made under the counsel of seasoned, investment professionals.

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