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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Free Thinkers Needed Badly....

 "No one dared to question the Jabba, 

as he would steal their souls and 

turn them into blue clouds of vapor."

From Operation Lock Those Steps:

Free Thinking Zone

Just when the world could not get crazier, the Producer Class started Free Thinking Zones.  That's right, sanctuary cities and neighborhoods where they were free to express and think what they believed.


These sanctuary zones, sometimes just small neighborhood blocks or secure cyberspaces, formed as the Greed Fund spread across the world.  This created a class struggle between the Producer Class and the Greed Fund. 

This struggle involved phony belief systems. The Greed Fund had invented a doozy of a belief system called "Scientism."

 Playing on the word "Science,"   Scientism presented a world view based on superstition.  Using massive payoffs, the Greed Fund had created this belief system with Scientism Factories. The factories were buildings where white-robed individuals moved around scientific equipment such as beakers, test tubes, microscopes and such for a year or two and then published their "findings."  The findings were presented as truths about the unseen world. The "findings" were exceptionally pleasing to the Greed Fund who financed Scientism Factories.

Into this nightmarish scenario the Producer Class had to walk every day. The Producers Class had very little time to think, as they were busy producing goods and services for the Greed Fund to consume. 

Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars

For those familiar with "Jabba the Hutt," he was representative of the grotesqueness of the Greed Fund. No one dared to question the Jabba, as he would steal their souls and turn them into blue clouds of vapor.

Facing the possibility of being vaporized, members of the Producer Class became increasingly careful to express their commonsense beliefs in these Free-Thinking Zones. They did this privately. 

They also spoke in codes. 

This is how the lowly producers of the world preserved common sense for future generations.

The vaporized soul of
a Free Thinker, Daniels

The above is a make-believe story and not the official view of real-life persons, product-makers, advertisers or any other entity cited in links or appearing elsewhere on the website. It is not being offered as medical advice or investment advice. Our intention here is to entertain. If you have a health issue, please consult with a health care professional.  Likewise, investment decisions should be made under the counsel of seasoned, investment professionals.

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Lifefuelhc said...

Very interesting symbolism. Can't wait for more examples of the class structure exemplified in article.