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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Did Atlas Shrug Galt's Gulch?

The Greed Fund took over all media sources and created a religion called "Scientism."

Everyone outside the Greed Fund was depressed and anxious.  Scientism told them, "Deal with it" and gave them synthetic pills. But this treatment made people prone to

overeating, recreational drug use and "binge watching."  Scientism further encouraged this lifestyle using Zoom for weekly talk-therapy.

Himalayan Mountains
a source for Shilajit
The world was a mess.  The only solution was to find a John Galt's Gulch or build one from the ashes. That of course, if the Gulch wasn't just another utopian nightmare. Consuming a Shilajit or ION* daily helped with rebuilding from the inside out.


Greed Fund Part II

The above is a make-believe story and not the official view of real-life persons, product-makers, advertisers or any other entity cited in links or appearing elsewhere on the website. It is not being offered as medical advice or investment advice. Our intention here is to entertain. If you have a health issue, please consult with a health care professional.  Likewise, investment decisions should be made under the counsel of seasoned, investment professionals.

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