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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Truth Builder Revolution...

 Meanwhile, the Truth Builders were saying, "I love what I do." 

They had been growing silently out of a revival of love of self, empathy for others, and a focus on intrinsic skills and aptitudes. As one Truth Builder put it, "I would rather be a total failure doing something I love, than die a slow death doing something I hate." 

Shunning the Greed Fund's fiat currency, Truth Builder's refused to work just for green paper. They were building truth and beauty.

Yet the Truth Builders were realist and pragmatist, so they played the Greed Fund's game long enough to put food on the table and clothes on the kids.   

The Truth Builders were careful to breed only free enterprise and agora markets. They traded strictly between themselves as private enterprises. They made goods and services that were true and genuine to the bone. They rejected large, greedy and faceless trinket building. They knew pure greed often

Free Enterprise
Butcher Shop
monopolized an industry and dehumanized workers. 

The Greed Fund and its secret agency, FTP (Fool the Producers), were threatened by this new breed of skilled humans. FTP only knew racketeering, theft and subversion of the truth.  They were in the business of controlling and bamboozling. 

Ham Hands Type

Not one of them had hands to turn a profit in a free enterprise system. 

Truth Builders called them "Ham Fisted."  

The Ham fisters were scared enough that they sought to turn the Truth Builders against each other by dividing them with a religion called, "Scientism."

Scientism was one crazy belief system. Practitioners wore robes like priests/priestesses of old and were quite sure of themselves ("Uppity" you might say). And like the priests/priestesses of old, they presented themselves as knowing the truth about how the unseen world works. 

But they left in their wake a plethora of chronic diseases and suffering. Believers of this Scientism dogma were like wild dogs if you tried to question their faith.

This put the Scientismists at odds with the Truth Builders. The Greed Fund just loved this. 

"Divide and conquer" had long been the Greed Fund's MO (Method of Operation).

 If they could not stop Truth Builders, they would recruit them.  The Greed Fund would pick out Truth Builders with a large following. Then they would offer to finance and promote that person in exchange for becoming a Greed Fund "Influencer." 

This was a world of lies built on lies. The only truth was something like the real John Galt Gulch, if that were actually attainable.  But is it?


     “Beauty is truth, 

Truth beauty,”

-That is all Ye know on earth, And all Ye need to know.

Ode on a Grecian Urn

--John Keats

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