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Bad Dreams...

                                 We Had This Unpleasant Dream:

In it, we are surrounded by a host of working people. They appear to be from all walks of life: janitors, scientists, butchers, movie stars, singers, cabinet builders, soldiers, doctors...

People from many different
working roles

They are all working very hard at their craft. They seem happy.

It's been a long time since we've seen people from so many different income levels all together in one place. It's as if we are back in time when the neighborhoods were built around something other than income levels. It's the 1950's-60's maybe. 

Then our
 dream switches to another scene.  
Old Time Safe

The people are all very old now.  Grey and aged, they are gathering around an old-time safe.  A hand is opening the safe and it reaches in and grabs a wad of paper money. The money is stacked in wads like the banks do it.  It has an inscription: "Federal Reserve Note." We think about dollar bills that used to read, "Silver Certificate."

But now the hand reaches out to the group of workers with a wad and squeezes it.
Money from life savings

Money mysteriously disintegrating
The crowd gasps at what happens next. The stack of money crumbles into fine bits of paper. It falls to the floor and scatters like confetti. 

There is a feeling of fear in the air. These wads of money represents the savings of the people. It looks as if the money disappears into thin air. They are aghast with trepidation. This
money is their lifetime of labor, their basic
survival for the future.

We are left with a feeling that some kind of scam has taken place. 

Related Quotation:

"Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains..."

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