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This website is interested in protecting both our privacy and yours. We provide the following to comply with the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

We do not Track Visitors Using Visit Counters...
First, be aware that we do not use visit counters of any type. Therefore we do not collect IP addresses of visitors.

(Do not be concerned about your IP address. It is normally used by services such as Google to identify your Internet service provider, such as Comcast or Verizon and  your city. This is only so the page you want can be delivered to you over the fastest route.) 

All Email Subscriptions Remain Confidential...
If you sign up for our email list, your email address is handled by Google's Feedburner Service and remains with them.  Email addresses are used solely and exclusively to notify subscribers when a new article is posted.  Addresses remain confidential and cannot be accessed by third parties other than Google Feedburner and

Industry Standard Cookies...
Advertisers on this site may collect the usual, industry-standard data from visitors for their own private use, by placing industry-common cookies on visitors' computers.

These are simple text files placed on your computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behavior information in an anonymous form. You may block these by using your browser options for blocking or deleting cookies.

Google Analytics Also Uses Cookies to Collect Anonymous Data...
We also use Google Analytics to evaluate your interests and improve our offerings. Google Analytics also uses cookies. The information generated by the Google cookies includes your IP address and is transmitted directly to Google. Google separates your IP address from the rest of the data it collects and makes that data (without your IP address) available to us on the Google Analytics website.

We look at this data through Google Analytics to evaluate pages on our website visitors go to the most. That's so we can offer something of interest.  We cannot use this data to collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from our visitors. We also cannot link the data from this analytics tool with any Personally Identifiable Information from another source.

You can opt-out of Google Analytics data collection cookies by downloading a browser plug-in here: 

Before you do that you may want to consider how cookies benefit you.  Please read the following:

Cookies Are Good For You...!
Cookies help to identify your interests so your time is not wasted.  Cookies are solely for your benefit and work like your favorite coffee shop hostess. 

Just as your favorite coffee hostess knows how you like your coffee, cookies learn what you like to see in advertisements and search returns so your time on the web is a smooth and pleasurable experience.

Learn more about how cookies benefit you with this brief explanation from The Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) web page:

And Google also has something about the usefulness of cookies here:

And for the technically minded, here:

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