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Super-Man's Secret?

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Quick Summary:
If you are looking for that six-pack abdomen or to cultivate an attractive derrière, look no further.  Here are some methods that will reduce body fat to the recommended 6% or less for men or 12% or less for women in a very short time.  Everyone has a six-pack abdomen, but it does not show if covered up by body fat.

We have been experimenting with this method of eating for approximately 6 years and have been using it almost exclusively for the last two years. We use a standard blender and blend together foods based on what our body is telling us it needs that day. We are able to blend these in special combinations and eat them raw.  

The real secret here, is that we add fermented Kombucha (sometimes purchased and sometimes made at home) and more recently, fermented Kevita to these raw, blended foods.  We then store them refrigerated in one gallon jars, allowing them to ferment for at least a week or more. 

In addition we eat no grains; just the grasses before they become grains.  We also practice intermittent fasting and try to get all our eating done by 4 pm.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------We combine high alkaline vegetables and fruits with probiotic liquids. We add powdered or liquid green nutritional supplements and a whey protein powder. We run the blender and eat.  We store the remaining meal (in a sealed glass jar) in the refrigerator, to be used when needed for a next meal. 

Keep in mind we are not juicing our food, but merely blending it in raw, unique combinations.

We Do Not Blend the Ingredients Into Pure Liquid...

We leave a lot of chunks to chew.  Chewing releases enzymes into saliva and other parts of the digestive system.  We are aware of this and its importance in the digestive process. 

Additionally, we do not pay a lot of attention to food combining principles. We need to learn more about this. We do not want to combine ingredients that cancel out the positive effects of each other, or make digestion more difficult.

Food combining may also include the macrobiotic principle of eating food that grows naturally in the land and climate we live in.  This too, we need to learn more about when blending foods.

Typical Ingredients list:
Bottle of raw kombucha. Make it yourself here: Kombucha...Anyone? Or buy a bottle of raw, plain Kombucha.  Synergy brand recommended.

  • Fermented Soy or Coconut milk. Make it yourself here: Make Probiotic Drinks. (Or buy a bottle of organic, plain, GMO-free kefir or similar fermented drink. (Dong Quai or CocoBiotic fermented drinks from highly recommended.)
  • Raw carrots
  • Raw cucumber
  • Raw celery
  • Raw Alfalfa sprouts
  • Raw fruit: Pineapple; Grapefruit; Strawberries; Oranges; Bananas, etc. or a combination of these
  • Raw kale
  • Raw spinach
  • Raw tomatoes
  • Radishes
  • 2 or more cloves of raw garlic
  • 1 Scoop of combined raw mix of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and almonds ground together using a coffee grinder or blender
  • 2 scoops of raw green food powder (Garden of Life Perfect Food RAW  or NOW Spirulina Powder a good one.)
  • 1 serving of e3Live, from
  • 2 scoops of whey protein concentrate (Our favorite: Miracle Whey from
  • 1 raw Avocado
  •  Any other organic vegetables or fruits (high alkaline)

Making the Power Meal:
Cut up or break up the fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces and place in a standard blender

  1. Scoop out the avocado and add it
  2. Add the dry green powders and e3Live serving
  3. Gently pack down
  4. Add raw Kombucha and fermented Soy, Coconut Milk or similar beverage to about 1/2 inches from top
  5. Add blender lid and cover with a cloth, holding down tightly
  6. Put the blender on highest setting, start, and listen for solid foods to start grinding
  7. If the foods do not start grinding, stop the blender and use a kitchen utensil to gently further push down solid objects to the bottom of the blender
  8. repeat step 6
  9. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. 
  10. Save what you cannot drink in a sealed jar and refrigerate for another meal.

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